Identify performance bottlenecks.

GIK has proven at times that performance testing is much needed to ensure software applications will perform under their expected workload. Our team has been working with Project teams to improve their overall solution. We make sure to provide stakeholders with information about their application regarding speed, stability and scalability. Performance testing doesn’t include functional testing but work with a primary focus to ensure there are no slowness or Not responding issues.

Software applications or products with bad performance cannot sustain for large period of time. We provide a wide a variety of performance testing:

  • Load Testing – Large number of users
  • Stress Testing – High data processing
  • Spike Testing – High data and Large number of users
  • Volume Testing – Testing with high volume data

GIK is very focused on performance improvement and We provide a great expertise that can work with your project teams. We have a team with 15+ years of experience, who have been helping IT industry with their performance needs. Our Test Management team has been closely working on Performance aspects of software testing. We believe in improving the sustainability of the application. Contact us for your performance needs.