Automation testing

We help with your Automation needs.

GIK is very focused on automation development and maintenance. We provide a great expertise that can work with project teams that are focused on automating the test effort. We have a team with 15+ years of experience, who have been providing automation services to both front-end  and back-end solutions.

We have in-depth knowledge for Software automation testing and hold pride for customer retention. Our team has been supportive to our clients in every phase from Gap analysis to Go-Live. Our responsibilities include, not limited to:

  • Planning & Budgeting for the testing solution.
  • Selection of automation tool and assistance with resource management.
  • Ensure proper trace-ability of the use cases.
  • Co-ordinating with multiple projects to ensure successful results.
  • Training users for acceptance testing
  • Working closely with Project management and stakeholders to mitigate any risks.

Test process improvement is much needed for any successful project and also for customer retention. Automation testing provides ability for the test process improvement by lowering the Regression testing costs. Our Test Management team has been fully involved in the quality & test advocacy and they understand the Automation.